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Our Processes

Sand Casting

Sand Casting is the process of metal casting that uses sand as the mold material. We have a complete in-house set up to execute it with both Induction Furnaces and Coal Pit Furnaces. 

To make sand molds we have both Machine Molding (that uses Simultaneous Pressing and Jolting Machines) as well as hand molding. With such an elaborate setup, we are capable of doing:

  • Grey cast iron castings,

  • Malleable iron castings,

  • Ductile (SG) iron castings, and

  • All non-ferrous castings like Brass, Bronze & Aluminium.  

Pressure Die-Casting

Pressure Die Casting is another preferred process of casting metal. Unlike Sand Casting, it uses sealed mold cavities to cast molten metals. We melt our raw material with our electric furnaces and prefer this process for Aluminium and Zinc. This expensive yet efficient setup enables us to cast small parts with high precision and low cost. 

Hot Forging

Forging is essentially the process of shaping metal and is mostly used to make brass and steel parts. With this process, we can not only make high strength products but also intricately designed brass products. We have high-tech induction heating machines to heat metal pieces before forging, these allow us to do quick, targeted, low oxidised, and low-cost heating for all ferrous alloys. 


As a part of Subtractive Manufacturing, Machining is a process in which extra material is cut to get the final design in the desired size and shape. Functions like Turning, Drilling, Threading are performed at this stage under which sizes, holes, and other specifications are perfectly matched to the designs. 

We use a combination of Lathe Machines (both manual & automatic), Milling Machines, Drilling & Tapping Machines to machine all types of functional & decorative hardware with precision. We also have hydraulic thread rolling machines to make bolts and other long-threaded parts efficiently.

Stamping and Pressing

We are also equipped to make fabricated products from sheet metals for which we use a lot of Stamping Machines and Power Presses.

The size and capacity range of our presses range between:

  • Large 150 tonnes capacity to make large parts, &

  • Small 5 tonnes capacity to make smaller ones. 

We can make precision parts and fittings using our press shop. Functions like Cutting, Punching, Bending, Pressing are performed here. 

We have in-house shearing and cold rolling machines to process raw material and provide cut to size material for the press shop. This in return minimises wastage and improves efficiency. 

Buffing, Grinding and Polishing

With a fully dedicated section in the factory, we carry out all the finishing and smoothing processes internally. We use fixed grinders for small items, hand-held grinders for large parts & rotary grinders for hollow parts. All the final polishing like matte & satin surfaces are carefully done internally too using hand polishers.  

To cover all technicalities, we also use a number of horizontal and vertical belt grinding machines mainly for non-ferrous metal products along with pipe polishing machines.


We have a complete in-house toolroom packed with CNC Wire Cut Machines, CNC Milling and Engraving Machines, Surface Grinders & Lathes. We have a whole team of highly skilled experts to execute all our tooling work with precision. 

We are capable of making:

  • Sand Casting Molds and Patterns

  • Die Casting Molds

  • Forging tools 

  • Power press and Stamping machine tools (including all types of Cutting, Bending & Pressing tools)

  • Jigs & fixtures (for different machines & quality control processes)

Quality Control

At Kalpana International, we believe that Quality Control is the most important aspect of manufacturing. 

Our team cautiously employs a tried and tested combination of scientifically approved & globally trusted methods at multiple stages of manufacturing to ensure impeccable global quality standards. 

  • We use Composition Testing (using Spectro Analysis / Batch testing) to ensure the quality of raw materials as well as castings.

  • All our castings are carefully checked for all common casting defects.

  • All our machine parts have to pass a strict Tolerance & Accuracy test using Fixtures, Jigs, & other techniques.

  • At the final stages, each piece is visually examined for polishing and other finishing defects. 

  • To control final finishing quality, we use processes like Salt Spray Test, Acetone Rub Test, & Pencil Hardness Test.


We also design customised quality control processes and quality levels based on specific requirements or as per ASTM Standards.

Plating and Coating

For Zinc Plating we use our Electroplating Barrels. Our full-fledged electroplating plant allows us to do Nickel, Chrome, Brass, Oxidised & Antique Finishes as well. We can also put all types of desired protective coatings.

Our team is skilled and willing enough to also create new finishes on demand, using a combination of different electroplated metals and coatings.

We can easily achieve finishes like:

  • Antique Bronze, 

  • Dark Bronze, 

  • Antique Pewter, 

  • Antique Nickel, 

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze, 

  • Brushed Nickel. etc.

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